Get Cash For Surveys

Get Cash For Surveys

Get Cash For Surveys
you really generate income with online surveys?

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On to internet online surveys...

Online Surveys: Can You Actually Generate Any Money?

You've very likely seen pitches like this that you receive via spam:

"Earn $140 per week! Generate $560 a week! Generate $6,270 a year! All by just sitting house, sipping coffee, and submitting online surveys."

Is this too excellent to be true?

Yes. Although it does sound right that a few organizations are willing to pay for general market trends by using internet online surveys, we believe this is not a excellent way to invest.

Here's how the fraud works: Scammers use trash and promise you quick cash for little effort. They claim that you only need to invest a few moments and you'll earn excellent cash. Of course, you have to pay the "low" price of $34.95 to learn how to do this.

So their goal is to get many individuals paying $34.95 (or whatever amount is charged) for the information and facts.

This would be fine if they didn't trash -- and actually delivered what they promised. However, many these compensated study products are worthless.

Now, you may be thinking, "Well, I'll go online and discover a website that screens out the fraudsters and ranks compensated study websites, and that way I'll look for the genuine compensated study organizations."

This is practical on the surface, but unfortunately, many of these "ranking" websites may actually be middlemen who are compensated commissions by the study organizations for referrals. Often, whoever pays the most to the position website gets the highest rating, and the compensated study organizations they rank well are not necessarily reliable.

Are there genuine compensated study companies? Yes, there must be, but unfortunately, it's almost impossible to discover them. It's like picking a needle out of a 77,300,000 haystack (type "online surveys" into a Look for for similar results).

In fact, genuine internet online surveys often are quite long, which indicates they take a while to complete. That's one of the reasons the buzz isn't real.

(As an aside, if you do internet online surveys, you shouldn't fraud the compensated study organizations either. Don't have your kids complete the online surveys or just create up solutions. After all, genuine organizations want genuine solutions from genuine respondents.)

Given that the buzz is incorrect, how much can you realistically expect to earn doing online surveys?

A friend of ours decided to discover out. She is one of the fastest typists we know, and she's extremely efficient and skilled at administrative work.

Since she desired some additional money she could earn at house in her sparetime, she spent per weeks time or so to see how much she'd earn submitting internet online surveys.

The results? She earned about $0.37 an hour!

Would that be what you'd earn? We don't know. But we believe there are many better ways to generate income by house based.

We've found that individuals WANT the buzz about internet online surveys to be real. However, in order to generate income on the Internet house based, it takes (gasp!) work. The promises about internet online testamonials are at best not realistic.

Note: Yes, you definitely can generate income on the Internet house based. Many individuals do this very successfully. But not by doing internet online surveys, envelope stuffing, or medical transcription. ;-)

Now, we'll probably get a lot of email telling us that we're incorrect. We've followed this area for quite a while, and we believe that our guidance about internet online surveys is correct for many our readers. (Please don't send us these emails, btw.)

Nonetheless, if you're determined to go ahead with internet online surveys anyway, here's some advice:

First, ignore all trash solicitations. They are all frauds.

Second, use Look for engines or your favorite internet search engine to see if you will discover information on the organization, including problems. (Not finding problems indicates nothing, btw. Folks are often too embarrassed to complain when they realize they've been scammed. Or the organization may have changed their name or website ten moments ago.)

One last point: It should be obvious that in this issue we're not talking about free internet online surveys and polls that you discover on many websites. For example, we're not referring to answering the QuickVote poll on the CNN website. ;-)

Bottom line: Save your cash and your some time to energy -- avoid internet online surveys.

Check out some great feedback from readers on this article on internet online surveys here.

That's it for today. Wishing you a safe, healthy and productive weeks time.

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